Go outside.

Ask your child to describe the weather using some of their senses (eyesight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell). Share something that you like about whatever season it is.

Play guessing games. For example, put a few objects in a bag and have your child guess what’s inside without looking. They can feel, smell, and shake the bag.

Invite your child to move like different animals. Can they hop like a frog? Flap like a bird? Slither like a snake? Help them burn off some energy and have fun.

Time how long your child can balance on one foot. Then have them switch feet. Turn it into a game and see if they can break any of their “records.”

Draw 8-10 squares on the ground with sidewalk chalk. Write a letter in each square. When your child jumps on a square, see if they can say the name of the letter.

Invite your child to make a necklace using string and large pieces of pasta or cereal. They can make patterns by shape or color.

Have your child draw a family picture using crayons, pencils, or markers. Talk about different parts of the body. “Abuela’s ears have earrings on them!”

Build a tent by covering some furniture with a blanket. Pretend you and your child are camping. What sounds do you hear outside? What animals are around you?

Help your child make a plan before they play pretend. Ask them who or what they want to be and what they need to play that role. You can offer ideas but make sure your child feels in control.

Give your child a pose or action to do. Then they have to stay still and quiet until you give them another direction. “Simon Says: pat your head…Simon Says: stomp your feet.” After they get the hang of it, let them be Simon!