Count, Group, and Compare

Help your child make sense of the numbers and categories all around them.

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Compare Sizes

Talk to your baby about things that are different sizes. For example, put their hat next to yours and say, “Who wears the little hat? Aaron! Who wears the big hat? Mommy.”

Less and More

As you go about your regular routine, find opportunities to compare amounts using “less” and “more.” For example, “Do you want more bananas?” “Now they’re all gone!”

What’s Inside?

Wrap an object in a piece of paper. See if your baby can remove the paper to see what’s inside. Talk about what they found and the crinkle sound that the paper makes.

Stack Towers

Help your baby stack blocks or other objects like plastic cups. Describe what they’re doing using size and position words. They will love to knock the tower over!

Fill up and Dump Out

Give your baby a container to scoop and dump water in the bathtub. Use words like “in,” “out,” “full,” and “empty.”

Compare Using the Senses

Help your baby explore things that are the same and different. Let them shake containers that make different sounds. Or give them different types of fabric to touch (like smooth and scratchy). Talk about the similarities and differences.


For example, count and wiggle each of their toes. Or count and point to objects as you play. “You have three blocks: one, two, three.”

Move to the Beat

Tap your baby’s tummy or clap their hands together to the rhythm of a song. Or rock them as you sing a lullaby.

Why This Matters

Becoming good at math begins long before a child enters school. Each one of us is born to be a “math person.” Even babies can do simple math, such as noticing amounts and patterns. Toddlers love learning math concepts, such as comparing sizes and shapes. These concepts help them make sense of the world. You can help your child learn math as you play and talk during everyday moments. By building on their natural skills and interests, you will boost their confidence and understanding.